Monday, 20 March 2017

WESCAR Spring Notes

Hello sportsman racers,

We are getting the 2017 season put together, though it seems winter is hanging on longer than ever.

The schedule is set at 4 races.

June 17 - Prince George
July 15 - Quesnel Billy Barker days
July 29 - Agassiz Sportsman Invitational
August 19 - Williams Lake Memorial race

We invite any and all sportsman racers to come out and compete. All 4 of the dates are WESCAR points nights. Looking forward to getting the 2017 season underway.

If you have any news releases you would like us to share, shop pics, or new paint / sponsors, we would be glad to post them up. email me at

Saturday, 15 October 2016

2016 Season wrap up notes

Season wrap up notes.

It's hard to believe the 2016 season has finished up. This was the first season in sixteen years of WESCAR racing to have 3 main events run on Sunday after a Saturday rainout. Thanks to all the racetracks for supporting the WESCAR Racing series. Many hours of work go into planning and hosting a touring race. Thanks also to the WESCAR volunteers for putting in 3 extra volunteer days to finish the rain delayed races. And of course many thanks to the fans who come out and support the series, sun, clouds or rainy days.
Congratulations to Logan Jewel for winning the WESCAR championship. A great hard working team that never gives up. Also congratulations to Kirk Frost, the WESCAR rookie of the year. Thanks to all of the sportsman racers for supporting the series. Many hours are spent and miles travelled to see racing at this level. Enjoy the off season, see you at the banquet.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

WESCAR points final Quesnel, race day schedule

Hello sportsman racers, 

We are getting ready for race 6, points final weekend in Quesnel. This is probably one of the biggest weekends of racing in BC with the WESCAR points final, and the Tri Cities street stock invitational all in one day. The schedule is posted below with an early start Saturday morning. If you are travelling, there is wiggle room. Please contact Mike Ernst at 250-991-1711 text or call, email if you are coming so he can reserve a pit spot on pit road for you. Good chance there will be over 60 cars in the pits so everything has to run smoothly. Looking forward to a great day of racing. 

Info from the track:
Wescar Late models will pit on the pit lane with their pit equipment/tires to remain inside of the inner pit wall. Whatever room is remaining will be shared with some of the Tri-city cars, and will be done so by points. To try to give everyone some pit pad space there will be 4 pads located to the left of pit entrance as your coming into the pits that will be shared community pads. The track will,have both classes using 1 set of tech scales for the day. They should be set up by approx 8:30 which gives plenty of time for everyone to cross them and sort out any issues. They however are not there to set your car up on. Be sure to come to pre qualifying tech with your car ready and legal.
Know your line ups!!! If you are not ready to go you will be replaced. Tri-City Streets will be able to use the live pit lane for their main. The spotters stand is for spotters and emergency crew/officials only. Bottom concession will have breakfast buns and coffee Saturday morning. Bring a broom if you can, the quicker we can clean up any spills, the better the day will go for everyone.

Sept. 17 Day Schedule QARA Wescar/Tri-City Race

Gates open for WESCAR unload            7:00AM
Gates open for Tri-City unload               8:00AM
Gates open for mini stock unload           9:00AM
Tech Lane open for roll across.               8:30AM
Pit Meeting, bring a chair, all gen sets/cars to be off, pick Tri-City qualifying order                                                     10:00AM
Practice starting at.                                 11:00AM
Tri-City 11:00-11:25
Wescar 11:30-11:50
Tri-City 11:55-12:20
Wescar 12:25-12:40
Minis    12:45-12:55
Tri-City  1:00-1:25
Wescar 1:30-1:45-SQO
Mini       1:45-1:55
Tri-City Pre-qualifying tech begins           1:50PM
(grid on pitlane)                                                                                                                       
Wescar Pre-qualifying tech to follow
QUALIFYING                                                2:30PM
Tri-City, Ministock, WESCAR
Racing Begins                                              4:00PM
Tri-City D,C,B,A Dashes 4laps each
Mini Dashes
Wescar Heats B,A    12 Laps
Tri-City Heats C,B,A 15Laps
Ministock Heats
Tri-City B-Main (if needed) 25laps or 15minutes.
Mini Main (May be ran sunday if we are in a time issue)
Tri-City A-Feature 75laps
Wescar 100Lap Feature.                              6:30PM

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