Saturday, 15 October 2016

2016 Season wrap up notes

Season wrap up notes.

It's hard to believe the 2016 season has finished up. This was the first season in sixteen years of WESCAR racing to have 3 main events run on Sunday after a Saturday rainout. Thanks to all the racetracks for supporting the WESCAR Racing series. Many hours of work go into planning and hosting a touring race. Thanks also to the WESCAR volunteers for putting in 3 extra volunteer days to finish the rain delayed races. And of course many thanks to the fans who come out and support the series, sun, clouds or rainy days.
Congratulations to Logan Jewel for winning the WESCAR championship. A great hard working team that never gives up. Also congratulations to Kirk Frost, the WESCAR rookie of the year. Thanks to all of the sportsman racers for supporting the series. Many hours are spent and miles travelled to see racing at this level. Enjoy the off season, see you at the banquet.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

WESCAR points final Quesnel, race day schedule

Hello sportsman racers, 

We are getting ready for race 6, points final weekend in Quesnel. This is probably one of the biggest weekends of racing in BC with the WESCAR points final, and the Tri Cities street stock invitational all in one day. The schedule is posted below with an early start Saturday morning. If you are travelling, there is wiggle room. Please contact Mike Ernst at 250-991-1711 text or call, email if you are coming so he can reserve a pit spot on pit road for you. Good chance there will be over 60 cars in the pits so everything has to run smoothly. Looking forward to a great day of racing. 

Info from the track:
Wescar Late models will pit on the pit lane with their pit equipment/tires to remain inside of the inner pit wall. Whatever room is remaining will be shared with some of the Tri-city cars, and will be done so by points. To try to give everyone some pit pad space there will be 4 pads located to the left of pit entrance as your coming into the pits that will be shared community pads. The track will,have both classes using 1 set of tech scales for the day. They should be set up by approx 8:30 which gives plenty of time for everyone to cross them and sort out any issues. They however are not there to set your car up on. Be sure to come to pre qualifying tech with your car ready and legal.
Know your line ups!!! If you are not ready to go you will be replaced. Tri-City Streets will be able to use the live pit lane for their main. The spotters stand is for spotters and emergency crew/officials only. Bottom concession will have breakfast buns and coffee Saturday morning. Bring a broom if you can, the quicker we can clean up any spills, the better the day will go for everyone.

Sept. 17 Day Schedule QARA Wescar/Tri-City Race

Gates open for WESCAR unload            7:00AM
Gates open for Tri-City unload               8:00AM
Gates open for mini stock unload           9:00AM
Tech Lane open for roll across.               8:30AM
Pit Meeting, bring a chair, all gen sets/cars to be off, pick Tri-City qualifying order                                                     10:00AM
Practice starting at.                                 11:00AM
Tri-City 11:00-11:25
Wescar 11:30-11:50
Tri-City 11:55-12:20
Wescar 12:25-12:40
Minis    12:45-12:55
Tri-City  1:00-1:25
Wescar 1:30-1:45-SQO
Mini       1:45-1:55
Tri-City Pre-qualifying tech begins           1:50PM
(grid on pitlane)                                                                                                                       
Wescar Pre-qualifying tech to follow
QUALIFYING                                                2:30PM
Tri-City, Ministock, WESCAR
Racing Begins                                              4:00PM
Tri-City D,C,B,A Dashes 4laps each
Mini Dashes
Wescar Heats B,A    12 Laps
Tri-City Heats C,B,A 15Laps
Ministock Heats
Tri-City B-Main (if needed) 25laps or 15minutes.
Mini Main (May be ran sunday if we are in a time issue)
Tri-City A-Feature 75laps
Wescar 100Lap Feature.                              6:30PM

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Monday, 22 August 2016

Gearing up for WESCAR Race 5 - Williams Lake Memorial Race

Day Schedule - WESCAR Race 5 

11:00 pit gate open
12:45 - 1:30 WESCAR 45 minutes 
1:30 - Bone Stock
1:45 - Pro Mini
2:00 - Street Stock
2:15 - 2:35 WESCAR 20 minutes
2:35 - Bone Stock
2:45 - Pro Mini
2:55 - Street Stock
3:05 - 3:20 WESCAR 15 minutes - sets qualifying order
3:25 - Driver's Meeting
4:00 - Qualifying
5:00 - Racing

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Monday, 8 August 2016

Mark Berriau wins WESCAR race 4

Mark Berriau raced to the top spot at Agassiz speedway this weekend.
Second place, Cam Graham put the pressure on late in the race, but Berriau held strong. Third place was Sheldon Mayert. Pics to come soon

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Monday, 1 August 2016

Getting ready for Mertin GM 100 Agassiz Speedway

The WESCAR racing series returns to Agassiz Spedway this coming weekend, August 6. The points are close and the racing will be action packed. This tight little quarter mile has been bitter sweet for many racers. Some scoring first wins, others losing points as they battle the tricky track itself. The local racers always run well, but the top in points have been racing hard. Come out and see race 4 of the WESCAR  racing series this weekend.

 Pit gate opens for WESCAR
 WESCAR HOT LAPS- max 10 cars at a time
WESCAR HOT LAPS- max 10 cars at a time - sets Q order

 street hot laps
 2nd street hot laps
WESCAR Drivers Meeting
 Time Trials -                                          STREET -MIDGETS -WESCAR 
Drivers Meeting
National anthem

Streets, B then A






Saturday, 23 July 2016

150 dollar bonus for the fast time qualifier in Agassiz

Thanks to Rob Angus at DSI for putting up a 150 dollar bonus for the fast qualifier in Agassiz. Game on.
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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

2016 championship LINK

The 2016 Mylaps link to the WESCAR 2016 championship points is up and running.

Just click on the link on the side menu

Monday, 11 July 2016

WESCAR Race 3 Quesnel - Prism Towing 100

Hello sportsman racers,

Getting ready for race 3. The day schedule is listed below. Looking forward to a great race.

Don't forget the world famous crash to pass in Quesnel Thursday night

See you at the track 


Day schedule WESCAR race 3 Quesnel Prism Towing 100

12:00 gates open for WESCAR unloading
12:30 sign-in begins
1:15-1:45 WESCAR practice
2:10-2:30 WESCAR practice
2:35-2:50 Street practice
2:55-3:05 Mini practice
3:10-3:25 WESCAR practice (set qualifying order)
3:30-3:45 Street practice
3:45-4:00 Mini practice
4:00 WESCAR Pit meeting @ tech pad
4:15 WESCAR Pre qualifying technical inspection
4:30 Qualifying-Minis, Streets, WESCAR
5:25 National anthem
5:30 Local dashes (Minis, Streets)
        WESCAR heats (B,A)
        Local heats (Minis, Streets)
        Short intermission, 50/50 draw
        Mini Main event
        Street Main event
8:00 WESCAR 100 Lap Main Event Feature

Rain date Sunday 

Camping is free at the track.Gates will be open Friday Night.

If you would like to reserve an RV Spot on the hill, please contact Sue Brown @ 250 991 8652

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Saturday WESCAR PG rained out

Mother Nature holds off the WESCAR PG race until sunday. Pit gates open at 8:00, qualifying at ten, racing at 11:00

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Getting ready for WESCAR race 2

Day schedule for WESCAR Race 2 

Gates open at 12:00 
On track at 2.00.
WESCAR 45 minute first session
Sessions continuing to rotate 15 – 20 minutes depending on time, with minis/hornets outlaw minis and street stocks.
5:30 WESCAR drivers meeting
6:00 qualifying: minis/hornets, outlaw minis,  streets, WESCAR
6:45 Canadian anthem, all drivers and crew lined up on the front straight away.
7:00 minis and streets dashes, followed by minis (streets, WESCAR heats.
9:00 Mr. Quick Lube & Oil presents the White Spruce Enterprise 100.
*Rain date Sunday

Sunday, 29 May 2016

WESCAR racing today in Williams lake

Rain finally brought the first WESCAR race day to an end yesterday. Thanks to everyone who who tried so hard to get it done.

Good news is that we are going to try again today

Gates open at 9:00

Practice at 10:00

Racing at 12:00

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

WESCAR Race 1 - Thunder Mountain Williams Lake Day Schedule

Thunder mountain will be opening the gate at 3 on Friday. Practice will start not long after and run until 8:30.

Day Schedule May 28

11:00 pit gate open
12:45 - 1:30 WESCAR 45 minutes
1:30 - Bone Stock
1:45 - Pro Mini
2:00 - Street Stock
2:15 - 2:35 WESCAR 20 minutes
2:35 - Bone Stock
2:45 - Pro Mini
2:55 - Street Stock
3:05 - 3:20 WESCAR 15 minutes - sets qualifying order
3:25 - Driver's Meeting
4:00 - Qualifying
5:00 - Racing

Sunday, 24 April 2016

WESCAR tire prepay program deadline April 29

Flags Racing Tire Prepay Spring Savings Program Flags

2016 Racing Tire Prepay Savings Program
for WESCAR Sportsman Series, Street Stocks & More

New for 2016 WESCAR Sportsman Series Tire - American Racer AR970S and
D.O.T. Street Stock American Racer P265 tires

  • Deadline is April 29th, 2016
    click here for more details
  • Good luck to our WESCAR racers today in Wenatchee

    Good luck to our WESCAR racers competing in the spring sizzler in Wenatchee Washington this weekend. This is a fast 1/4 mile track that is perfect for our BC racers. 

    So far Korbin Thomas set fast time,
    Matt Stephenson won the a dash
    Sheldon Mayert won the b dash 

    Late Model Qualifying Heat Race 1:
    1) #6 Sheldon Mayert
    2) #19 Korbin Thomas
    3) #5 Larry Lasmanis
    4) #88 Marvin Stone
    5) #51g Glenn Knutson
    6) #29r Shaun Ross
    7) #27 Mark Berrieu
    8) #1 Matt Stephenson

    Follow along on race monitor today for the results of the feature event. 

    Sunday, 21 February 2016

    Rule updates for 2016

    Rule updates from the WESCAR general meeting 

    Can remove 50 lbs (2 - 25 lb blocks)  from front frame
    Base weight with fab front clip 3100
    Base weight stock clip 3050
    Max rear 50 percent
    Can remove 50 lbs for track width 66.5 or under (same as previous)

    Tire will be AR 970 S thick case

    Also, please check to be sure cars meet the engine placement rule as it was clarified this year. See below. 

    ▪ All cars maximum 1-inch engine set back from center of the #1 spark plug hole to the line projected across the upper ball joints. Includes all crate engines.

    ▪ 108” inch wheel base cars may set engine back 2 inches from the #1 spark plug hole 

    ▪ 2bbl Iron headed Ford and Dodge engines may set back 2” inch from the #1 spark hole, and 3” inch on 108” inch wheel base cars.

    ▪ Crank shaft height must be 11” minimum from the ground up to the center line of the crank shaft. Measured at 4 inch ride height.

    ▪ Engines to located within 1” of center line measured between the lower inner pivots

    The updated rule book will be posted soon, please let us know if you see any mistakes, or are concerned with how to interpret any of the rules.

    Sunday, 14 February 2016

    2016 official schedule released

    Hello sportsman racers,

    Sorry for the delay in releasing the official schedule, but we held off hoping for a date in the Okanagan, however we were unable to secure one. Thanks to all of the tracks who support the WESCAR Racing series. We are looking forward to a great season. Any racers or teams that have sponsors or companies that are interested in joining, we have spots for a contingent sponsors as well as race day sponsors. Please contact Gary at for sponsorship information.

    The schedule includes August 6th in Agassiz with the usual hot August night action in the South. The Williams Lake memorial race in August, a great time to remember past racers who have been an important part of this sport. The September 17 date could be the largest race date in the province with the Tri-Cities Street stock Series finishing up as well as the WESCAR points final. Looking forward to kicking off the 2016 season. See you at the track.

    2016 WESCAR Late Model Tour Schedule 
    May 28 Williams Lake
    June 11 Prince George
    July 16 Quesnel - Billy Barker Days
    August 6 Agassiz Speedway 
    August 27 Williams Lake – memorial race
    September 17 Quesnel Points final combined with Tri-City Street Stocks