Wednesday 18 April 2012

Raceiver / Scanner Q and A

I have had a few questions on the use of raceivers/scanners in the ARCA OK Tire Sportsman Series, so I have done up a quick Q and A covering the most common questions asked.

Q. Do I have to have a raceiver or scanner?
A. Yes all teams must have someone from their team monitor the race control channel.
Q. How will this be different from officials communicating with the spotters in the stands?
A. All teams will hear the directions from race control on the raceiver or scanner, so when race control is organizing lineups, or communicating with individual cars, all teams will understand what is going on.
Q. How do most teams use the raceiver?
A. Most teams have the spotter monitor the raceiver, however a team with a rookie spotter may want another teammate to monitor it at first.
Q. Can spotters still communicate with the official in the spotters stand.
A. Yes, there will be an official in the spotters area that can communicate with race control.
Q. I have a UHF scanner, will it work to monitor race control?
A. Yes, any programmable scanner will work.
Q. What does a receiver cost?
A. Raceivers range from 80.00-150.00. They are on sale at finishline/Racecom for 80.00.
Q. I only plan on running a couple of Touring races, can I rent a raceiver?
A. Yes, they will be available for rent at the track. Please call ahead and reserve your raceiver . (Earl at 250-392-6825)