Sunday 22 July 2012

Berriau Wins ARCA OK Tire Race 4 Gold Pan Speedway

ARCA Ok Tire Sportsman Series Race 4 Quesnel Billy Barker Days 100
The ARCA OK Tire Sportsman Series headed to Quesnel B.C. for the last Northern race of the series. Thirteen beautifully prepared sportsman cars travelled to the small 3/8 mile oval to compete for the win. In practice, local drivers Trevor Adelman and Dave Olson were superfast. Qualifying left the entire field within six tenths, top ten within four tenths. A hot, slick racetrack had the track record out of range. The second to last car to qualify, Trevor Adelman, clocked in at 15.036, fast time so far. Last car to qualify was Ian Graham. With a super smooth lap, he was the able to break into the 14 s with a 14.998, the fastest lap of the group.
The B heat was a quick, wire to wire run with Bobby Mear putting on a course on how to pass in Quesnel, as he moved from the third row, to win the B heat. Bob Williams took the A heat to the green flag. Solid, clean laps had Williams fending off all challenges for the win.

The three wide salute had the fans responding with applause, hoots and hollers. Taking the field to green was Jeff Cameron in the 67 on the pole and Chris Babcock's Fusion outside. A little tire spin on the 67 puts the 22 leading the first lap. The caution flag is out on lap seven for the 7 car of Mears spinning off of four. Back to green, the 22 of Babcock leads, with Cornett-Ching second and Berriau third.  A long green run begins with Berriau passing the 99 on the high side for second on lap 23. The entire field nose to tail, Berriau challenges the slick second groove and begins to work the 22 Ford on the high side. Lap after lap the two cars battle, both drivers giving it all they have. Six well raced laps later Berriau leads, Bacock second Cornett-Ching third. Caution is out on lap 38 for the spinning 67 car of Jeff Cameron. Back to green, it's Berriau, Babcock, Cornett-Ching, and the 47 of Adelman. The green flag run continues and the 18 of Ian Graham holds the 99 high and the takes the third spot, Adelman following to take the fourth spot. PG race winner Dave Olson, with a bent front hood making it challenging to see, is making moves toward the front. Yellow at lap 51 to allow a medical situation to be dealt with in the pits. Back to racing, the double file restart has the 74 of Dan Ursel, 19 of rookie Barry Clayton, 21 of Cass Walker and the 67 of Jeff Cameron tight together. They stack up on entry and with the rear wheels lifted off of the ground by the rear car, the 19 hits the inside wall, bringing the caution back out. The 19 heads to the pits with heavy front end damage and the race is restarted. Berriau brings the field to green and Babcock manages to slide inside to hold third. Racing is hard and fast, nose to tail. As laps run down the 71 of Olson feeling a sense of urgency, pulls high and races the 22 Ford for third. Good racing between the two and Olson grabs third. The green run continues and the drivers plan their next move. The 27 pulls out a couple car lengths and engages autopilot as the 5 car of Bob Williams does battle with Adelman, Bobby Mear and Cornett-Ching in mid pack. The 92 of Logan Jewel presses the 22 car of Babcock and snatches fourth place. Graham in the 18 is putting together good laps and is catching the 27. Ten to go and Berriau is beginning to catch the rear of the field. Graham is on him. The 21 car of Cass Walker gets loose off of four, she saves it, but Berriau has to react quickly. A near miss for the leader, Graham trying to capitalize but Berriau has it under control. Berriau and Graham race hard to the checkered. Berriau wins, Graham Second, Olson Third, Jewel takes fourth. Williams has battled into fifth. Adelman solid in sixth, Babcock seventh, Mear eighth, Cornett-Ching Settles for ninth. Top finishing rookie Cass Walker claims her first top ten finish. Dan Ursel eleventh, Jeff Cameron twelfth, and Barry Clayton in the 19 car thirteenth. Thanks to the Gold Pan Speedway for another great event. Looking forward to the next race in August at Agassiz Speedway. See you at the track.