Tuesday 12 February 2013

OK Tire Sportsman Series Tire Selection for 2013 Race Season

As most everyone has heard, Goodyear racing tires are no longer manufacturing short track racing tires. After many discussions and technical research, we have settled on the Hoosier 970 for the 2013 OK Tire Racing Series. This tire meets the mandate of a limited tire. It is very similar in compound to the Goodyear grooved tire and should provide continued great racing in the series, putting driver and chassis at the forefront. The 970 holds the car the same as the Goodyear, so no re-leading should be required. This tire has been run on sportsman cars in BC and proved to be a good competitive tire. The tires will be 140.00 each plus applicable taxes. Tires will be available from Finishline Racing Products and from Andy at Agassiz speedway.
Finishline Racing Products will again do the tire prepay program. Tires prepaid by April 2 2013 will cost 129.95 each plus applicable taxes. Contact Greg at 250-392-6825.
 Tire sizing is:
10350    87 inches +- ½ an inch
10300    86 inches +- ½ an inch
10295    85 inches +- ½ an inch
2lbs of air will affect the tire size by ¼ inch