Tuesday 24 June 2014

Results from ASA Advance Testing White Spruce 100 posted

After careful review and analysis we have posted the official race results at:

results - PG White Spruce 100

Questions asked about results:

5 car one lap down - lap 73 under yellow
2 car 2 laps down lap 34 and lap 46
lap 35 19 car spun, stayed ahead of leader, on lead lap. started at back.
results were as displayed by computer
Only manual change was 6 car added lap for lucky dog, as when on no count cautions, the computer does not add the lap.
The race was finished as it would have been restarted to complete the race.
* note - rookies start a the back for 3 races and are awarded passing points from the starting position.
* complete lap chart can be viewed on mylaps results top right menu bar.