Sunday 21 February 2016

Rule updates for 2016

Rule updates from the WESCAR general meeting 

Can remove 50 lbs (2 - 25 lb blocks)  from front frame
Base weight with fab front clip 3100
Base weight stock clip 3050
Max rear 50 percent
Can remove 50 lbs for track width 66.5 or under (same as previous)

Tire will be AR 970 S thick case

Also, please check to be sure cars meet the engine placement rule as it was clarified this year. See below. 

▪ All cars maximum 1-inch engine set back from center of the #1 spark plug hole to the line projected across the upper ball joints. Includes all crate engines.

▪ 108” inch wheel base cars may set engine back 2 inches from the #1 spark plug hole 

▪ 2bbl Iron headed Ford and Dodge engines may set back 2” inch from the #1 spark hole, and 3” inch on 108” inch wheel base cars.

▪ Crank shaft height must be 11” minimum from the ground up to the center line of the crank shaft. Measured at 4 inch ride height.

▪ Engines to located within 1” of center line measured between the lower inner pivots

The updated rule book will be posted soon, please let us know if you see any mistakes, or are concerned with how to interpret any of the rules.