Wednesday 12 June 2013

Prince George Mr.Quick Lube - White Spruce Enterprises 100 THIS WEEKEND

Hello Sportsman Racers,

We are looking for 2 cars to go to the new Sandman Signature Series hotel in Prince George on Saturday morning from 9.30 until just after 11.00. This is a great chance to promote the ASA race, as well as support our long time sponsors.

This is also a great opportunity to promote your team and sponsors. Please contact me at  and I will set it up.

Thanks to the Olson crew for promoting at Denny’s. Thanks also to the 92 of Logan jewel and the 36 of Joe Cornett-Ching who will be out at the OK Tire Store.  

Also a reminder that the ASA series is continuing the NO PRACTICE 5 DAYS PRIOR TO THE RACE, AT THAT VENUE POLICY. So no practice in PG until the Saturday scheduled time.

Looking forward to a great race in Prince George,


Kendall Thomas