Tuesday 18 June 2013

Prince George Race Review - Mr.Quick Lube - White Spruce 100

ASA OK Tire Series Presented by Advance Testing race 3 – PG race write up

The Mr. Quick lube – White Spruce 100 was the third stop for the ASA OK Tire Series by Advance Testing.  The bright northern skies set the stage at the Prince George racing Oval. The hard core fans packed the camper row in turn 1 and 2 viewing areas. Seventeen cars made the trek to the northernmost track of the series.

Qualifying set off with many cars picking up from their practice times. One of the tightest fields this season, there was 5 cars in the 16.7 range. Ian Graham put down a fast lap at 16.658. Berriau ran a great lap to break the track record and take the time to a blistering 16.576. Berriau enjoying the track record for less than two minutes, Korbin Thomas bettered his time for a new record of 16.521.

Into the heats, Joe Cornett-Ching in the 36 sat on inside pole. Taking the green and the lead at the same time he never looked back. A yellow was out at half way for a spinning 89 car, but Joe was able to hold on for a win the B heat. The A heat was fast and furious with Bob Williams in the five driving a green to checkered race for the win. A young race fans day was made when Bob gave him the trophy as a souvenir.

The main event was set with a 10 car invert. 2012 rookie of the year Jeff Cameron sat on pole with the 49 of Warren Bergman, long time PG racer on the outside pole.  The green flies, but a spinning car brings out the yellow. A complete restart has Bergman passing Cameron in turn two for the lead. Bergman sets a superfast pace and begins to pull away immediately. Logan Jewel breaks free of the crowd and begins to reel in Bergman. The race is on. Back in the field, racing hard are points challengers Stephenson, Berriau and Thomas. The green continues. Positions three to ten are packed tight. The yellow comes out as Bergman defends his lead and Jewel spins in turn two. The 71 of Olson has been hoping for a caution as he nearly goes down a lap. In for adjustments, the defending winner of the race returns. The six of Mayert comes in for a cut tire, caution is out again. Cautions breeding cautions, a failed restart brings out the red on lap 62 as the 89 breaks a trailing arm bracket and is towed from turn 4. Bergman brings the field to green on 63 and Thomas makes a run on the high side. Side by side they race and Thomas finally sticks the pass. Bergman into second, Stephenson third and Trevor Adelman strong in fourth.  Lap 77, the 47 and 1 car tangle and the caution is out. The red flag holds the race at lap 80. The restart has Bergman sliding back on the high side. Another caution on the same lap puts him back to second for another try.  Green on 88 the field is shuffling, Berriau is racing back through the field after a torn valve stem lets the air out of the left rear. The 71 of Olson has raced back into 6th position. The 19 of Thomas wins the 100 lap feature, Bergman in second, and the 47 of Trevor Adelman is third for his first ever podium. Fourth is the ever consistent Ian Graham, continuing to collect points. Into fifth is the never say die 71 team of Dave Olson. 6th – Joe Cornett-Ching, 7th Mark Berriau, 8th Bob Williams, 9th Matt Stephenson, 10th Bob Mear, 11th Dan Ursel, 12th Logan Jewel, 13th Sheldon Mayert, 14th Kyle Day 15th Dave Howarth, 16th Wes Mader, 17th Jeff Cameron.
* Photos by April Sedlock