Sunday 14 July 2013

Gold pan speedway race 4 information

Hope everybody enjoyed the off time. Looking forward to a great race in Quesnel at the Gold Pan Speedway. The first three races were awesome and we are getting allot of positive feedback from fans and sponsors. We are looking for two or three teams to help out with some PR appearances Saturday morning between 9:30 and 11:00. We would like to have a car at the Sandman/Denny's and a couple of cars at the OK Tire Store. If you are available and would like to promote the series and your sponsors, this is a great opportunity. Please contact me for confirmation.


Thanks to Joe Cornett-Ching, Logan Jewel, and Jeff Cameron for doing PR work in PG. The sponsors were very happy.


Thanks also to ASHLEY FURNITURE QUESNEL for putting up the Lazy Boy for the winner of the feature event.


Just a few racer notes.


All cars MUST have raceivers.and radios


The NO PRACTICE FIVE DAYS PRIOR to the event, at that venue policy continues.

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